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Our Goals

The Pet Place Television show aired it's last episode in February of 2009, but The Pet Place has remained a leader in promoting animal adoptions and advocacy for animal causes.   We continue to produce the Pet Adoption Cable Television and YouTube program, "Irvine Pets & Company which features homeless animals in need of loving families. Our radio show can be heard at

When the Pet Place Radio show debuted in 2006 on KMZT (, it was hosted by Fred Bergendorff with Dr. Bernadine Cruz and Marie Hulett.  When Fred became ill, Marie took over Fred's duties and chatted with Dr. Cruz about everything animal related.  Dr. Cruz left the program in 2008 to pursue television opportunities, but is still very much part of the Pet Place family. Marie Hulett has been hosting solo ever since; long time Pet Place advocate, Maryanne Dell, frequently makes appearances on the radio show to review books about animals and talk about dog training.  It's a great feature.  In September 2013, The Pet Place Radio Show began airing on KJAZZ, 88.1 FM; in July of 2015 the show began airing exclusively as a podcast on to focus on the modern audience.

The Pet Place

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Gary Lycan, November 18, 1944-April 9, 2013
Our friend Gary Lycan passed away after a long fight with cancer. He will be missed.


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Welcome to the Pet Place! 

The Pet Place is an organization that promotes responsible pet ownership and adoption of pets from shelters and rescues.  We believe adoption is a commitment that must last for the lifetime of a pet and that animals are not disposable property.  We encourage pet owners to spay and neuter their companion animals and to ensure they have identification at all times (I.D. tags, microchips, etc.).  We oppose breed discrimination, puppy mills, impulse pet purchasing, and back-yard breeding. Our primary missions are to offer people educational resources that will allow them to make good decisions with regards to their pets' welfare and to support and promote shelters and rescues.  Please help us continue with our efforts.  We rely of viewer and listener support to continue these activities.  On behalf of the animals, thank you for being fans of the Pet Place.

The Pet Place was created in 1990 by Fred Bergendorff.  Initially, the Pet Place Television show aired on Charter Cable in Long Beach, with Fred as its host, but soon after, the show became a regular fixture on KDOC-TV 56. Fred continued hosting the show until 2007 when serious health issues forced his departure. Mickey Laszlo, his long time co-host and "Pet Place correspondent-in-the-field" assumed hosting duties.  Marie Hulett joined the Pet Place in 1991.  At that time, she was a Lieutenant with Orange County Animal Control and the Orange County Register Pets Columnist. (Her columns continue to be a regular feature with the paper and remain popular with readers.) Marie would showcase shelter pets, talk about coexisting safely with urban wildlife, and explain humane laws for Pet Place viewers.  She later went behind the scenes to produce and direct the weekly program. Gary Lycan became part of the Pet Place Family in 1992, and served as producer, executive producer, and host. Gary served on the Pet Place Board as President until his death in the Spring of 2013. Marie Hulett is currently serving as the Pet Place president and welcomes suggestions and ideas from the public on how to better promote pet adoptions from shelters and rescues.  All Shelters and rescues are encourage to contact The Pet Place to receive free promotion.  

If your shelter or rescue group needs help promoting your pets and special events, please click HERE to contact us.

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