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Tails with Happy Endings

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Pet Place Fans Share Stories of Rescues & Adoptions

If you have a special tale of adoption that you would like to share - please let us know by clicking on our contact page and sending us the info.

Willa's Story (Click here to read)

LUCKY'S STORY - By Kim Frazer

On Thanksgiving Day, while the turkey was cooking in the oven, I walked outside to get some fresh air.  As I approached the planter box in the backyard, I noticed a small cat lying between two Bird of Paradise plants.  He blended in with the plants and wood chips because his “camouflage” coat was black and brown.  When I got closer, I could see there were ants crawling all over him, and one came out of his nostril.  I was concerned that he might be sick, possibly dying.  My neighbor, Helen, has several cats, so I decided to ask her opinion.

Helen walked over to the planter box to take a look at the cat.  By now he was sitting up and watching us to see what we were going to do.  “What a beautiful cat,” she said.  “I don’t think he’s sick.  Maybe he’s just sitting on an ant hole.”

When I asked Helen if she knew who owned the cat, she said, “I thought it was your cat.  He’s been living in your yard for about the last month.”

The cat appeared to not be afraid of us, so I decided to offer it some food.  I opened a can of tuna, and poured it onto a bowl.  When I put the bowl in front of the cat, he devoured it in minutes.  He allowed me to pet him, so I knew he must be accustomed to humans. 

I decided I’d like to keep the cat, although I knew the right thing to do was to try to locate the owner.  I created a flyer that said “Cat Found,” with a picture and description of the cat along with my phone number. I posted the flyer all around the neighborhood and at the local Pet Smart and grocery store.  I never received a call from anyone claiming to be his owner.  I decided to call the cat “Lucky.” 

I believe nobody claimed Lucky because he was abandoned.   I noticed that he would regularly walk down our driveway and around the corner to look at the house across the street that had a “For Sale” sign.  I suspect the owner had to move, and decided to leave Lucky behind rather than take him to an Animal Shelter.  In this case, the tale has a happy ending.  This cat is very lucky that I decided to take care of him and make him my indoor cat.  And as it turns out, I’m very lucky to have found a very sweet and affectionate companion.

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